Personal Constitution

For a decade or more, I have habitually spent the early part of the year thinking about what I want to achieve, learn, build, and more. That’s not an original endeavor, but it has always been worthwhile.

Recently, however, I mentioned to a friend that I wondered if perhaps I needed to spend that time being more focused on thinking about who I am and who I want to be. “Your personal constitution” was their reply. I wasn’t familiar with that term, but it seemed to encapsulate my situation very well.

Just as a national constitution declares the values that a given society seeks to achieve and uphold, I, too, needed a document that clearly defined what I stand for and the life I seek.

Below is the result of a weekend spent reading, thinking, and working through the difficult questions raised by the “who am I?” prompt. It is, much like we are as humans, a working document. It is also the first iteration. As such, it has much room for improvement and is expected to grow and evolve at whatever rate I do as a man.

I welcome your questions, via my contact page, about the content below, my process for creating it, why I chose the things I chose and ordered them as I have, or anything else that you may want to ask or even challenge me on.

March 2023


As a leader in business and my community, my purpose is to help others realize their full potential as people and professionals. I accomplish this by loving them as Christ does and providing them the support and accountability they need to achieve their purpose and goals. This document outlines the core values that I believe in and live by and my vision of who I strive to be.

My Values:

  1. God is my source of strength, and I aim to be like Jesus in everything that I do.
  2. My wife is the greatest gift God has given me, and everything I do will honor her as such.
  3. I care greatly about the success of others and will be an “otherish” giver of my time and talents.
  4. I will develop relationships by showing a sincere interest in others.
  5. I will cultivate a habit and reputation of discipline. Tiredness is a mindset.
  6. I will approach everything I do with great confidence and diligence.
  7. I will be a leader in my church and in my community, serving as an example of love and kindness.
  8. I will relentlessly pursue greatness and wealth so that I can generously bless and encourage others.
  9. I will seek to be an expert in my strengths and be constantly curious about all else.
  10. I will resist the urge to be comfortable and seek out anything that helps me grow and improve myself in any way. This is directly related to the Discipline standard in item 5.